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Its Over Now (Teddys Rap)

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  1. It's over now, I promise you he won't hurt you again You can wipe your tears away, it's over now, yes it is, oh Well he can cry if he wants to See that won't change a thing 'Cause, the things he did to hurt you They'll just happen again You can take your head and hold it up And tell the man, you've had enough It's time, he realize that things are through It's time that he get over you It's over now, girl, you can stop .
  2. Nov 26,  · cause its all over, there is no repairing the mangled and empty, its for the good of yourself just believe me, I wish pain would reside so I can open my eyes an despise you put me back together, set my emotions for a long walk back to myself, I hate everyone that had a doubt, (All pain aside) Stay here. And I see the day you walked away. Hate you.
  3. Teddy Ruxpin's eyes and mouth moved. Wikimedia Commons This talking bear was the world's first animatronic toy, which meant it was the first of its kind to use motors or machines to create a more lifelike bear, according to nothosrotegetistoscrimarrehamve.coinfo Ruxpin's eyes moved and his mouth was in sync with the narrated stories he told to many children at that time.
  4. Tedy - It`s over Now Lyrics. I don't need your tears I don't care for promises All I need is you Out of my life I'm suffocating Can't you see I'm done with these lies Ca.

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