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Downside Up

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  1. Downside Up is a program of Novel Motion Pictures, INC, a registered (C)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
  2. Downside Up is a family for families. We share knowledge and experience, strength and hope. Together, we find joy in the happiest and hardest moments — because when life is turned upside down, we choose to live downside up.
  3. Sep 17,  · 'Downside Up' (extract) from Tony Hill Plus. 2 years ago. 16mm, 17 mins, A film which, by the use of a simple camera movement, explores and reviews some relationships to the ground. The viewpoint continuously orbits places, objects, people and events. The observations gradually speed up to reveal a double sided ground flipping like a.
  4. The expression "downside up" is not enlisted in any dictionary, instead English speakers use the expression "right side up". In fact, "downside up" is possible, because its structure is based on the analogy with "upside down" (analogy in linguistics is one of the processes which reduces any word forms perceived as incorrect or unusual to the.
  5. Downside up, upside down Take my weight from the ground Falling deep in the sky Slipping in the unknown All the strangers look like family All the family looks so strange The only constant I am sure of Is this accelerating rate of change Downside up, upside down Take my weight off the ground Falling deep in the sky Slipping in the unknown I.
  6. back on the downside, lookin' up You can't catch the monkey on your back Nobody asked you to try But for every heart they held a spade And you lost What It's Like Everlast.
  7. Downside Up, a British-Russian charity, provides support and advice for families raising children with Down syndrome, develops innovative children training and parents support methods, disseminates knowledge and experience among Russian professionals, and works towards raising public awareness about Down syndrome with the aim of changing attitudes.
  8. a disadvantage of a situation: The downside of living here, of course, is that it is expensive. Unemployment, inflation, and greater inequality are often the downside of a market economy.

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